Quality Policy

Food Safety

At Bakers Best Ingredients, Food Safety is an integral part of our entire operation. It includes growing, harvesting, cooling, packing, distribution and employee training.

3rd party auditing

OUR STANDARD: Bakers Best Ingredients utilizes audit companies to ensure food safety standards are met. Our company is committed to providing superior quality ingredients that are fresh, safe, and meets the expectations of our clients / customers.


Food Safety is dynamic in nature. Every management action ensures that Food Safety not only fits comfortably into the overall objective of Bakers Best Ingredients but that it is also regulated, understood and easily executed by each and every employee. To ensure that our product can be safely tracked from the plant to consumer.

Good Manufacturing Process

Bakers Best Ingredients sets appropriate systems and standards for raw material sourcing, processing, distribution, contractors, supplier quality assurance, microbiological testing, HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point analysis), implementing risk control measures, Good Manufacturing Processes, traceability and crisis management.


At Bakers Best Ingredients, we know careful supervision is required of ingredients as they are sensitive products.  Our ingredients are thoroughly monitored to protect quality throughout the manufacturing process.


Our Company is committed and accountable for implementing, regulating and being compliant to this policy and measuring best practices to maintain a food safety system which ensures safe quality foods for its customers.  The resulting food safety system is an integrated system which is systematic, organized and addresses the safety concerns from farm to retail including a traceability program.   The management team of Bakers Best Ingredients is committed to utilizing available resources to provide employees with resources to continually improve the systems and standards of procedure.  Systems are in place for the recording of deviations and unusual occurrences to be investigated and documented with corrective actions.

  • Train employees in the competent performance of their own assigned duties
  • Monitor compliance with and conduct our ingredients packaging in accordance with respective regulatory requirements
  • Utilize company resources and observe Good Manufacturing Processes and procedures which are written out in standard operating procedures
  • Ensure our ingredients production is conducted in sanitary facilities that do not expose food product to contamination
  • Be pro-active in assessing potential food safety risks and implementation of risk control measures
  • Encourage a partnership relationship with our clients for food safety
  • Encourage team problem solving through all levels of the company to identify and implement work practices that continually improve food safety standards and productivity
  • Report and investigate incidents, then improve systems and practices to prevent recurrence
  • Train, develop and support  employees to competently package ingredients in accordance with regulations, take responsibility for improvement of quality
  • Continually develop managers and supervisors of food quality, safety skills and practices
  • Use an independent audit program to ensure compliance with Global Food Safety Initiative standards
  • Provide information to employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and clients to keep them informed of food safety and quality issues
  • Measure our progress from year to year based on audit scores and corrective actions reports and to continually upgrade our production facility
  • Review our policy annually
  • Ensure contractors and suppliers comply with company policies and procedures and contribute ideas to improve our operations